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Duhau Capital is focused on acquiring a majority stake in privately-held companies. Our goal is to generate long-term value while preserving the legacy, culture and, most importantly, the people that have materialized each company's success.

We differentiate ourselves from other funds and strategic players in several dimensions:

Your Company
Source of Capital
Transaction and deal terms
Private Equity
Strategic Acquisition
Duhau Capital
Maximize profitability over the next 3-5 years
Inherit parent company’s strategy and culture
One of many portfolio businesses
One piece of a larger parent company
Focused ownership and full commitment
Financial engineering and cost-cutting to secure near-term returns
Integrate company, cut operational duplicity (including headcount)
Secondary to financial returns
Subject to redundancy
Individual or passive sources that may never be known to you
Public or private company assets
Diverse group that gets fully involved in the operation
Complex, attempting multiple transactions simultaneously
Slow, structured to protect purchasing company
Long-term growth and value creation
Build and grow existing business
Continue to grow and develop
Quick, flexible and focused
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