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An investment firm seeking to invest and actively manage established high-quality companies with a proven business model and track record.

Duhau Capital is backed by a group of experienced local and international investors and business owners led by a team of experienced investors and operators with extensive track record in Mexico and Latin America.

Who are we?

We are a passionate and entrepreneurial team with complimentary experience in operating and investing in mid-size companies. We have the functional support and financial commitment of a group of local and international investors with a diverse skillset comprised of entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Why us?

We provide an attractive alternative to business owners seeking a stable and prosperus future for their company and customers. We offer a smart succession strategy, a swift liquidity solution and a bridge to the next stage of growth, whilst preserving the company’s legacy.

What do we look for?

We seek to acquire a majority position and, upon investment, provide operational leadership for the company. We leverage on the extensive track-record and local expertise of our managing partners and investors to help the company achieve its full potential.

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